Thanawat Ratanamongkol Transport Co., Ltd.

More than 15 years of experience in agribusiness we have. Until the development of transportation business. We are a Mineral Transportation Company. Cement to domestic and foreign customers.



We built the Tanawach Pier in 2004 and have been constantly updated. It has become a quality port at present ...


Five Safety Rules

Five Safety Rules Is intended to prevent the incidents that often occur within our group of companies. These rules will not compromise or allow for a reduction in workflow. This rule is part of the "Passion for safety" plan, which is part of the occupational health and safety plan. Consisting of

1. Do not force or risk or contradict others.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) according to international standards.

Powerful use of energy and strict locking of equipment.

4. Must be ready to work with the system of living and substance abuse.

5. Every injury and dedication must be reported.