Rattanamongkol Bang pa-in Transport Co., Ltd.

Rattanamongkol Bangpa-in Transport Co., Ltd. Which is a family business. On behalf of limited partnership Kittiwan Transportation And began shipping business. Started using VIP and BANGO signs later to develop into the transportation business. Cement products and delivery of raw materials to cement manufacturers such as Siam City Cement Public Company Limited, as well as a marketing plan to serve as cement merchants. And shipping to local and international customers.
Due to the competitive situation both domestic and international trade. There are a number of important factors in the competition present, Ratanamongkol Bangpa-in Transport Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of logistics management system. And Quality Management System (ISO 9001) The system has been used to manage the transportation to be effective - and most effective. To respond to customer needs. Along with the development of such areas as information technology. Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001) continuously.




Rattanamongkol Bang pa-in Transport Co., Ltd.

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